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Traditional Flatbow

Bow Building with Dave Watson

Chapters in this catagoury (5)

I have been building bows for a number of years and I have made a number of videos showing the tools I use and the techniques and knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

I hope these videos will be useful to you if you are interested in bow building of if you simple want to see how a bow is built.

Longbow-Flatbow Build

In this series I will explain how this bow was made. It is an Ash, Purpleheart and Hickory flatbow


This is a home made tool used for making bow laminates

The Form

How the form was built and gluing up

How To Build A Flatbow

How to build a Flatbow. In it this series I build a Fiberglass backed laminated American flat bow

Sander Thicknesser MkII

Some great upgrades to the original sander thicknesser


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