The Impulse - 62" Flat Bow

Price: £230.00

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With Bamboo and Maple limbs under clear fiberglass the bow has a smooth draw and a fast clean action.

The solid Purpleheart riser/handle has a low pistol grip which fills the hand and arrow shelf cut to center.

The bow is finished with matching Purpleheart handle overlay and tips and comes with a Dacron B50 string and serving.

A sharp and fast bow with a stunning appearance. Perfect for field/target.

The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced and protected with several coats of Matt lacquer. and the bow is finished with a felt arrow rest and strike plate.

Bow Length: 62"
Brace Height: 6.5 - 7"
Materals: Bamboo, Maple, Purpleheart,
Draw Length: 28"

Availuable Draw Weights.