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Traditional Flatbow

The Instinct - Sirocco - 62" Traditional Flat bow - £210.00

The Anfield Archery Instinct series of traditional bows have a smooth draw, practically zero handshock and pinpoint accuracy.

The Sirocco is a 62" Hybrid Flatbow perfectly suited to field or target archery.

Limbs: The limbs of the Sirocco have a central core of power carbon sandwiched between a tapered Hard Rock Maple back, and parallel belly laminates. The limbs are finished with clear powerglass to the back and belly.

  • This combination gives the bow great speed and stability while maintaining a very traditional look and feel.
  • The reflex-deflex limb design makes the very best use of the limb materials and this combination gives an arrow speed of 182fps (45lb bow)

Riser: The riser is handmade from solid exotic hardwood with contrasting curved accents in Maple.

  • The neck of the grip is cut to the centre of the bow which gives great natural balance in the hand and helps to eliminate handshock.
  • The simple pistol grip fits snugly in the hand. The arrow shelf is cut to center and positioned low and close to the hand, this very natural combination makes the bow fantastic for instinctive shooting.
  • Other wood combinations are available - Purpleheart - Wenga - Ash.

Tips. The tips are layered hardwood with Mycarta reinforcement making the bow suitable for high performance strings.

String: The bow comes with a FastFlight string and center serving.

A smart and reliable bow, individually handcrafted from beginning to end.

I make these bows with almost 10 years of bow making experience. This current series has been perfected over the last 3 years. I use the highest quality materials and a design which has been tried and tested.

I am happy to build a bow for you to your individual requirements. Please email my for details.

Bow Length: 62"
Brace Height: 6.5 - 7.25"
Materals: Bubinga and Maple
Draw Length: 28"

Availuable Draw Weights.

Please Contact me if you would like me to build a bow like this one for you.

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