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Traditional Flatbow

Traditional Archery

Traditional archery bows are simple stripped back bows with no stabilisers, sights or other gadgets.

Although simple and stripped back a traditional bow makes the very best use of materials and design. Most traditional bows are have limbs made from hardwoods such as Maple, Ash, Yew and sometimes bamboo. The limbs and the draw of the bow maintain a traditional feel because of the limb material. The limbs are usually faced with a thin layer of fibreglass and can also have a layer of carbon fibre in the core. But what you see when looking at a traditional bow is the simple traditional design and the natural beauty of the woods used in the construction of the bow.

The riser or handle is also usually carved from exotic hardwoods with a simple grip and arrow shelf.

There are a few different designs when it comes to traditional archery bows. From the very traditional English Longbow to the Hybrid American Flatbow.

Each style of bow will feel and shoot differently.

The English longbow is the most simple design. Essentially an English longbow is built from a single piece of Yew wood of a combination of hardwood with a thin layer of hickory on the back. There is usually no arrow shelf and the arrow is shot off the hand. This is possible the most traditional bow and takes a high degree of skill to shoot.

The American Flatbow has a flatter wider limb and is often has some reflex and deflex built into the limb, giving the bow more speed and making it smoother to shoot. Most American Flatbows will have a simple pistol grip and an arrow shelf cut into the riser.

This type of traditional bow is very popular and there are a number of different lengths and designs available.

Traditional archery is great fun and very it is easy to get started. All you need is a simple bow, some arrows and a target. There are also many traditional archery clubs and ranges throughout the country.


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