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Traditional Flatbow

Hybrid Flatbow

A Hybrid Flatbow is a traditional bow which is a cross between an American Flatbow and a recurve. Its not quite a flatbow and its not quire a recurve.

The structure and build is the same as a traditional American Flatbow. It has flat and quite broad limbs that are rectangular in cross section. But what makes it a Hybrid is that the limbs have reflex and sometimes deflex built into them.

The reflex/deflex limb design gives the bow a smooth draw and greater arrow speed. The Hybrid is usually a little shorter than a traditional American Flatbow, typically 60 – 64 inches.

I make a 62inch Hybrid Flatbow and it has been a staple for a few years now. The 62inch length makes it a great bow for field archery.

These bows are a pleasure to shoot, very smooth to draw, great arrow speed and almost no handshock.


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