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Traditional Flatbow

Bow 10 A very early Bow

This is one of the first traditional bows I built.

It is a sort of a pyramid bow made from Ash and Hickory with some Black Walnut accents. I used to make these bows with very limited tools.

I had a block plane, a spokeshave and some rasps and thats about it. I used to take the wood to a local joiners workshop to get it cut and then glue them up, shape and tiller them with the basic tools.

This bow has an Ash core with Hickory backing and it was about 45lb.

A very simple bow but it did shoot an arrow, in fact most of these old bows were very good. I still have one at my allotment. It has a rawhide backing which I glued on with rabbit bone glue.

Essentially the main core was cut square and the Hickory back was glued on with cascemite then shaped into the classic pyramid shape. Then the handle block and the tips were glued on and the bow was tillered.

A very simple bow but a lot of fun to make and an essential step in the learning curve.


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